We Set Fire To The Sky Vinyl LP

Image of We Set Fire To The Sky Vinyl LP


"Coming off a very impressive split with SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP as well as a one-track flexi, CHILDREN OF GOD’s debut full-length We Set Fire To The Sky is a genre bending piece of art. Running the gamut of frantic hardcore to eerie spoken word segments, these eight tracks showcase a very interesting journey...We Set Fire To The Sky is a strange record and I mean that in the best possible way. Whenever you think you have a feel for their sound, they switch it up and leave you even more bewildered than when you started. The aspect I enjoyed best about the record - other than the unpredictability - was how well it flowed. Going from hardcore to the soft-vocals of “To The Sky” could be very jarring to the listener, but CHILDREN OF GOD creates enough layers and lead-up to the point where that transition is gradual. There’s never a point where things became too disjointed and I feel that’s something that should definitely be applauded on such a complex record." - Crush Opposition Self release on COG Records Artwork by Thomas Hooper.